• Sue Holdaway'I'm going to feel so special walking down the aisle in something made just for me, it compliments my dress beautifully, thank you.'
  • 'Lots of my friends admire my pendant, I have to be careful they don't make off with it!'
  • 'I get such comfort from wearing your jewellery.'
  • 'My son-in-law never takes off the pendant you made for the wedding!'
  • 'When I'm not wearing it, I hang it in the window to catch the light.'
  • 'It's a mini work of art.'
  • 'Whenever I wear the pendant someone comments on how pretty it is.'
  • 'A colleague has been saying, 'you have to tell me where you got it.'
  • 'Your jewellery for the naming ceremony was a real show stopper.'
  • 'My daughter's wedding jewellery will get handed down through the family.'
  • 'You have a real talent.'

"My fascination with glass dates back to beach combing sea-tumbled glass as a child and the up-lifting experiences of entering a darkened church and discovering the treasures of a beautiful stained glass window."

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